Konjac flour 250g Breakfast food substitute meal powder instant Drink 魔芋粉 250g 早餐食品代餐粉 速溶 饮品
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Konjac flour has very low calories, can satisfy hunger, and will not increase fat to cause obesity。魔芋粉热量极低,能充饥,且不会增加脂肪造成肥胖。[how to eat] put a proper amount of this product into the dishes, add cold boiled water (warm water in winter) to thicken it, stir it to make it fully dissolved, and then pour in the boiling water just boiled to quickly stir it into a thick shape (the water temperature in the water dispenser is not high enough, it is not recommended to use it). According to personal taste, you can directly eat it or add milk, honey and other seasonings.[storage conditions] shelf life of ventilated, cool and dry place: 18 months production date: see the back of the package贮存条件】通风、阴凉、干燥处 保质期:18个月 生产日期:见包装背面(Note: some small black spots may appear in the product, which are plant fiber. It's normal. Please feel free to use it!)
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