4 Drawers Shoe Cabinet Shoe Rack Shoe Storage Cupboard Organizer Unit, Drawers for Entryway, Modern Storage Cabinet, Freestanding Rack Organizer (White)
$64.99 $129.99

Durable Material: This shoe cabinet is made of waterproof and durable high-quality MDF wood. Its stable structure ensures excellent load-bearing capacity and lifespan. Additionally, it can be easily wiped clean, making it convenient to maintain.Flip-top Drawers: This shoe cabinet features a flip-top drawer design, which allows your shoes to stay protected from dust, prevents damage from pets and insects, and also provides convenience for storing and retrieving your shoes.Multi-functional Storage: Each drawer of this shoe cabinet is equipped with two layers of storage space. The middle bottom board can be adjusted or removed within the grooves according to your needs, allowing for better accommodation of flat shoes, mid-boots, or high heels of different sizes and heights. The spacious top platform of the shoe cabinet can be used to place wallets, keys, and accessories, providing practical storage while maintaining an aesthetic design.Easy to Assemble: The assembly of the shoe cabinet is very simple, and it comes with a product instruction manual, as well as labeled parts and clear illustrations, making the assembly process quicker and easier.Safety Feature: This shoe cabinet is equipped with an anti-tipping device that allows you to secure the back of the cabinet to the wall, preventing accidental tipping and ensuring the safety of children.
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