RULAER Indoor/Outdoor Tufted Bench Cushion 36x14' for Patio Furniture Soft Comfortable Window Seat Cushions for Multi-Scene Durable Non-Slip Washable Garden Patio Swing Furniture Pads,Dark Green
$8.52 $28.99

❤High-quality fabric: bench cushion using high-quality polyester brushed velvet fabric, strong softness, high color fastness, wear resistance, there are six colors for your choice. You can choose the right color according to the location you use, long time use does not lose color, senior sense of full. Using a unique tufting process, firmly fixed filling, so that your cushion is always in a comfortable state.❤High-quality filling: the bench cushion is filled with high-quality sponge particles, compared with ordinary sponge, sponge particles are extremely breathable, more resilient, and more soft and comfortable. Not only can quickly restore the original shape, and lasting non-deformation. Add a colorful touch to your home and make your whole home more comfortable.❤A variety of sizes: bench cushion has a variety of sizes for you to choose, 42*14*3 inch, 48*18*3 inch, 36*14*3 inch, 48*16*3 inch, you choose the right size according to your furniture, so that your furniture has a perfect cushion, giving you a more comfortable home experience. After you receive the package, take the cushion out of the bag and let it dry for 48-72 hours to let it return to its fully fluffy state.❤High quality bottom anti-slip design: The bottom is designed with a native silicone anti-slip bottom, which is like a spider web and has strong adsorption. Inside there is a unique non-woven fabric to fix the padding, the combination of the two, firmly fixed on your seat, moving for a long time, so that your cushion remains in place.❤Multi-scene applications & easy care: four sizes and six colors of cushions, you can choose different sizes according to your different scenes, suitable for most indoor/outdoor furniture, can be placed on storage benches, fireplaces, porch benches, dining chairs, swing chairs, garden chairs, etc. Maintenance is very simple and convenient, you can scrub with mild soapy water to dry.
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