Pink Broom with Dustpan Combo Set Stand Up Small Broom and Dustpan Set Pink Kitchen Dust Pan and Brush Set Housewarming Gift for Women
$12.99 $26.99

【Long Handled Broom and Dustpan】-The long handle on a indoor broom’s dustpan allows you to sweep up debris without hunching over. The broom stick is made of steel for long lasting. Overall height broom 52”, the dustpan long handle 38.8”【Catch-All Broom】-Solid one piece polypropylene broom block with 10” wide sweep, 4 layers kitchen broom bristles allows sweeping efficiently. Angled, heavy-duty bristles are great for hard-to-reach corners, indoors or outdoor【Nothing-Left Rubbered Dustpan】 -The dust pan and broom set have a rubber lip helps dirt, dust and cat litters go directly into broom with dustpan, not under, reduce your cleaning time【Self-Cleaning Dustpan Teeth】-The standup dustpan has a self-cleaning feature that allows to remove dog hair from the small broom bristles by sliding them through the “scraper”, prevent clogs, without touching the pet heavy duty brooms【Collapsible Dustpans】 -The standing dustpan is designed to fold and clip onto the small broom and dustpan set for easy storage! hung on a wall or stored in a cleaning cabinet by the hanging loop in the end【Gift Ideas】Offer a pink broom and dustpan set for your teenage girl, girl friend, mom as a gift will be a smart choice
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