JoyJolt Fluted Glass Teapot Set 33.8oz w/Double Wall Glasses 13.5oz, Stovetop Safe Tea Kettle, Borosilicate Clear Tea Kettle with Removable Glass Infuser, Blooming and Loose Leaf Tea Maker Tea Brewer
$22.40 $24.95

STOVETOP KETTLE: Enjoy peace of mind with our stove top safe glass kettle (also electric stove safe!). Crafted from borosilicate glass, it'll make tea time both joyous and safe on any heat source, whether you're shopping for stove top kettles for boiling water or as a tea maker.REMOVABLE INFUSER: Infuse your day with flavor using the glass removable filter. This teapot with infuser is designed for effortless loose-leaf brewing, making steeping and sipping a breeze. Simply remove, clean, and reuse for another round of delightful tea experiences!EASY TO CLEAN GLASS TEA POT: Our tea pot set is as easy to clean as it is to love. It's dishwasher safe and you can directly reach into the body of the glass pot for hand washing. It ensures your tea time is always fresh, and your cleanup is swift. A joyous end to a delightful tea ritual!VERSATILE: Not just for tea! Our versatile kettle set is for any beverage. Use it for coffee, herbal tea or drinks, or even to infuse water. Its multi-functional design invites creativity into your kitchen and joy into your cup. Paired with two double-walled glass mugs, it's the perfect glass tea set!WONDERFUL CLEAR TEAPOT GIFT SET: Looking for a heartwarming gift? This stovetop tea kettle set with a lid, ribbed design, coffee mugs, and gift-ready packaging, is perfect for tea lovers and novices alike. With a one-year warranty, spread the joy of a perfect brew to friends and family!
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