Conlun Cat Scratcher Mat,Natural Sisal Cat Scratch Pad,Horizontal Floor Cat Scratching Pads Rug for Indoor Cats Grinding Claws Nails,Cat Furniture Protector for Couch & Carpets & Sofas
$12.99 $14.99

Durable & Natural Material: Made from 100% natural and premium sisal, cat scratching pad is strong enough to resist the sharpest claws for a long enough time. Sisal cat pads are also safe and non-toxic cat scratchers for indoor cats, not treated with harsh chemicals or other substances. Healthy for your adorable pet to scratch all day.Save Your Furniture: Satisfied kitties’scratching instinct, giving your favorite kitty healthy claws, a place to release stress, and great exercise. Prevent your furniture and carpets from damage caused by cat scratching since they are the“natural sisal fabric mat”at home.Unique Anti-slip Design: The sisal cat carpet scratcher backside have anti-skid latex to help the sisal cat scartacher pad stay firmly in place when your furry friend has fun, satisfying cats with a smooth scratching motion.Easy to Clean: Cat scratching mat in general will last a lot longer than cardboard and it also won't make nearly as much of a mess as your typical cat scratcher cardboard. Just use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust or wipe with the cloth, and have a good time with your pets.Multifunctional Mat: Besides being used as cat scratch mat, it is also for cat litter mat, cat play mat,cat corner scratcher, cat wall scratcher,cat scratcher bed and anti cat scratch furniture protector, etc.We offer 3 sizes for customers to choose. Portable, simple and modern design fits just about anywhere, including crates, floor, sofa,couch,carpet,rug and any room in your home. Size reference: 15.7 X 23.6 inches(40*60 cm)
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