Vriccc Bread Box for Kitchen Counter, Bamboo Wood Bread Box, Large Capacity Bread Storage Bin

【Acrylic Transparent Door Panel】Clear visibility. Making it convenient to check the status of your bread and other food items.【LARGE CAPACITY】Our bread box's 2 layers of 14.6” x 9.4” board are large enough to hold 2 large loaves of bread, rolls, muffins, and more. So bread boxes can meet the needs of your family.【EASY TO CLEAN】We are made of bamboo with water resistance, and the surface is polished very smooth, which is easy to clean even in a fume kitchen.【Organic MOSO BAMBOO】Our bread box is made of high-quality bamboo. You can smell the light natural scent of bamboo, which is Good for keeping bread fresh. Compared to an iron breadbox, it is safe, strong, and stable.【EASY ASSEMBLY 】Store and display your bread in this countertop bread rack made of sturdy bamboo wood is ideal. A screwdriver is included in the package for easy assembly.【Replacement Guarantee or Refund】If the bread box does not meet your expectations, please email us and we will be happy to replace it for free or with a full refund.
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