Whiffkitch Dishcloths & Cleaning Cloths - Reusable, Quick Drying, Durable Kitchen Dishcloths, Essential for Washing Dishes, Absorbent, Multi-Surface Cleaning, Scrub-Non-Scratch, 6 Pack - Neutral

QUALITY COUNTS: With our popular dishcloths, now in natural solid colors style in Sage, White, and Beige. You’ll get two of each color in a package of six. Our 6x7 inch cloth size is a perfect FIT-IN-YOUR-HAND-SIZE, for easy handling, storage, and cleaning around your sink. Each SCRUB-NON-SCRATCH cloth is quick-drying, 2-ply, washable, lint-free, and super absorbent.GET TOUGH ON CLEANING: In the kitchen and bathroom with WHIFFKITCH’S durable scrub-non-scratch weave and MULTI-SURFACE cleaning ability. They’re the perfect cleaning companion for NON-STICK PANS, STAINLESS STEEL, GLASS, MARBLE, STONE, TILE and MORE. Our dishcloths fit comfortably in your hand without folding or wadding up when it’s time to do dishes, clean appliances, or wipe down counters.DURABILITY & VERSATILITY: Durability requires more than a cotton washcloth for the kitchen. These cloths are designed for busy cooks, bakers, and homemakers, active in the kitchen they’re made to WASH, WIPE and SCRUB. You can even designate one to the bath as a gentle EXFOLIANT on your SKIN and enjoy the versatility of this cloth outside of the kitchen. Made from a blend of 90% rayon derived from bamboo and 10% polyester.KITCHEN ESSENTIALS EARTH-FRIENDLY: Our reusable dish cloths are tough, non-fraying, and washable. These dish cloths are WASTE-REDUCTING (no more disposable single purpose sponges), these long lasting kitchen essentials make short work of dishwashing, wiping down messy faces, or even scrubbing up fruits and veggies.EASY-CARE: Work best by laundering before using them for the first time. Machine wash using laundry soap or detergent, and cool dry. Some shrinkage may occur with due to the material. When brightening them up or to remove stains, use oxygen bleach or, on white cloths use a light solution of chlorine bleach. For daily duty, just rinse & wring out the dishcloth after each use, then hang to air dry.
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