voenxe Womens Seamless Hipster Panties Stretch Breathable No Show Bikini Underwear 5 Pack
$12.74 $14.99

(Seller's Reminder) Per Amazon's policy, try-on of underwear items must be carried out without contact with the body(and with your clothes on) to qualify for return or reimbursement, which is recommended upon the receipt of this pack of underwear for timely determination of the appropriateness of size.(Built Where it Counts) Composition is the foundation of a good piece of underwear. For these hipster panties, that foundation starts with nylon and Spandex for the whole body to ensure there's enough elasticity to comply to your female undulations and sufficient resistance to shrinkage and ripping. On top of that, the crotch is padded with pure cotton fabric to obliterate chafing and minimize the risk of gynecological ailments.(Go Commando, with Panties on) Wanna go commando but afraid a puff of wind would reveal your secret as it lifts your skirt? With these hipster panties, that fear ceases to exist. Coming with a mesh structure that's highly breathable, lightweight and extremely good at wicking away moisture, wearing them just feels like wearing nothing. Plus, the time-perfected craftsmanship of our designers makes sure there's no riding up or falling down or digging into your sacred ravines in the front and back.(Seamless Versatility) Sick and tired of that brazen pantie line hinting at your secret, turning people's heads, and rendering an entire carefully selected outfit invisible? With these panties, that embarrassment just disappears. Crafted with latest sewing techniques, we have successfully made these panties seamless and the most non-picky underwear that goes with any of your outfits.(You Are What You Wear) Power comes from within. A piece of high-quality, comfy and breathable underwear that speaks to your personality will give you extra power in your daily life as a power woman. Whether you are part of the business elite whose heart is set on sheer black or a housewife who prefers an assortment of basic shades, or a party girl whose verve cannot be represented except by the leopard skin...,we have that exact color for you.


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