Sky Solutions Anti Fatigue Floor Mat - 3/4" Thick Cushioned Kitchen Rug, Standing Desk Mat - Comfort at Home, Office, Garage - Non Slip, Durable and Stain Resistant (20" x 32", Indigo)
$36.99 $39.99

EXPERIENCE ULTIMATE COMFORT - Our high-quality 3/4" thick high-density PU foam provides relief for your feet and absorbs the shock that you would normally feel in your legs. Our mat was designed to maintain density while standing for extended periods.NON SLIP BOTTOM - Equipped with a padded non slip bottom so that the standing mat stays in place both on hard and carpet floors.FOR PERSONAL AND COMMERCIAL USE - For the office as a standing desk mat, or for use in the kitchen, garage, or laundry room, our padded anti fatigue mats will relieve your discomfort and protect your floors from stains.STAIN RESISTANT TOP - Diamond top design prevents debris or stains from permanently smudging the mat. Clean spills and dirt with a quick wipe!SHIPS FLAT PACKED - We ship our mats flat to avoid permanent creases on our quality foam. Our cushioned kitchen mats are durable and we offer a variety of beautiful designs.
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