Presto 04634 Bento Electric Cooker - Compact Dual Compartment Cooker for Ramen, Eggs, Veggies and More, Perfect for Dorm Rooms, Includes Spoon/Fork

RAMEN COOKER: Enjoy the convenience of a dedicated ramen cooking space alongside a separate area for eggs or veggies, all in one compact unitSPOON & FORK INCLUDED: Dive into your delicious creations right away with the included utensils, eliminating the need for additional tools or cutleryCOMPACT SIZE: Perfectly sized for dorm rooms or work, this cooker is designed to prepare just the right amount for one or two servings, saving space without sacrificing functionalityNONSTICK INTERIOR: Cleaning up is a breeze thanks to the nonstick surface, ensuring that every meal prep session ends with minimal effort and maximum convenienceVENTED COVER: Achieve flawless cooking results every time as the vented cover regulates steam, ensuring your ramen, eggs, veggies, and other dishes are cooked to perfection
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