Clear Round Glass Casserole by NUTRIUPS | Oven Proof Glass Baking Dish Round, 1.5 L
$9.49 $24.99

Watching Food Evenly: NUTRIUPS clear glass casserole dish lets you monitor the cooking process and easily identify leftovers when in the refrigerator.The transparent glass means glass casserole with lid goes well with any dish pattern.Easy to Store: There are four sizes: 0.65L,1L,1.5L,2.5L.Our glass casserole dish with lid are stackable and easy to store when not in use,the vertical sides give maximum storage.It won’t take up much space.Easy to Grab: With the handles both glass casserole and lid are easy to grip, maneuver, and distribute the weight between both arms which is especially important on filled larger containers.Also,handles are cool to touch when exiting the microwave.Multifuctional Lid: Our round glass casserole work great for leftovers also because they come with lids.The lids can double as serving dishes.Perfect for soups, salads, chili, leftovers, etc.Show off your food creations to your friends & family.Healthy & Safe: NUTRIUPS glass casserole dish with handles does not absorb odors or flavors, and you do not need to worry about over leaching of metals or chemicals into the food.The oven, freezer, fridge, microwave, and dishwasher safe.
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