CUCKOO Electric Hot Water Urn Pot Dispenser 3.3L (111 Oz), Safety Lock, Rotating Base, Instant Auto Boiler and Warmer, for Tea & Coffee
$69.99 $89.99

【Efficient Heating】 Boil water quickly and efficiently with this product's heating system that heats the entire volume of water using only 750W of power. After boiling, it uses only 100W to maintain the temperature.【Chlorine Removal Mode】 Simply press the Chlorine Removal button to boil the water at 100℃ for an additional 2-3 minutes, effectively removing harmful chlorine and other impurities while sterilizing the water. Enjoy clean and fresh-tasting water with ease!【3-Layer Insulation System】 3-layer insulation system prevents the surface from getting hot even after heating, while providing excellent heat retention【Safety System】 Child locks on the lid and dispenser buttons to prevent accidental spills and ensure safety around young children.【360-Degree Rotation】Designed with a 360-degree rotation, allowing for convenient use in any direction or angle. Enjoy the flexibility and ease of use no matter where you are!【Detachable Structure】 With a detachable lid and power cord, our product allows for easy water addition, removal, and cleaning. Plus, its 360-degree rotation feature ensures convenient use in any direction or angle.
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