Bug Zapper for Outdoor and Indoor,3-Meter Power Cord with Switch,Waterproof 4200V Mosquito Repellent,Bug Zapper Outdoor for Home Backyard, Patio
$33.99 $39.99

NO WORRY BUYING:JDL is committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service.Order Today and Get 1 year replacement on the bulb or bug zapper.note:Bug zapper bulbs life is about 2500-3500 hours.(message through Amazon if past the standard return window).Try to resinstall the bulb if not light up after plugged in, becaue the bulb might be loose while delivering.How to verify the effectiveness of the bug zapper is to let the product be placed in the corridor overnight to see if it is attractive to flying insects,The effect of the mosquito zapper is related to the density of flying insects around the environment in which it is used.Please put the device in a dark place for optimal capture. The UV light bulb is replaceable.Effective Physical Mosquito trap: insects and bugs or moths have phototaxis and bug zappers are designed fot this,the light of the bug zapper will attract bugs and mosquitoes and the 4200V ELECTRICAL GRID will kill mosquitoes.The internal grid is designed with a narrow protective housing to prevent people and pet from accidental contact.Indoor and Outdoor Dual-use Multi-function Mosquito Zapper:Made of high-impact ABS plastic,this bug zapper can be resistant to high temperatures.The plastic top and shell make this electric bug zapper durable.If the outdoor weather is bad, it can also work great. it's convenient and helpful to your patio, backyard, balcony, bedroom, parlor, kitchen, etcEasy to Use and Clean Up: Just place the bug zappers on a flat surface or hang it up with the top rings. For best results, we advise you to turn on the mosquito trap three hours before going to sleep.we suggest you to hang it 0.8-1.2m to the floor and at least 0.3m to the wall.The mosquito trap has a removable tray and a brush ,you can use that to clean the bug zapper when the tray is full.My zapper doesn’t appear to be zapping, it was working last time I checked, what should I do? A grid that’s clogged with dead bugs or debris may result in reducing its ability to generate a high voltage. Unplug the unit and clean the metal grid and horizontal bands thoroughly with the supplied brush.
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