ANBOSON 14mil Latex Cleaning Gloves for Housework, Kitchen, Bathroom, Non-Slip, Dish Washing Gloves with Flocked Liner (Assorted Colors, Small (Pack of 3))

Premium Quality: The reusable dishwashing gloves are made of premium natural latex, which is more environmentally friendly and durable than silicone gloves. The gloves are 14 mil thick, providing extra protection and comfort for your hands.Soft Flocked Liner: The gloves feature a flock liner, which offers better grip and comfort. The liner is soft and gentle on hands, making it ideal for cleaning dishes, pots, and pans.Non-slip Design: The gloves have textured fingers and palms, providing a non-slip grip. This feature helps you hold slippery items securely, making dishwashing easier and safer.Experience the Difference: Lightweight Gloves for Ultimate Flexibility . Tired of bulky rubber gloves? Our lightweight option offers superior flexibility without sacrificing protection. Perfect for all tasks, from dishes to chores. Try them now and feel the freedom.Multi-purpose: These gloves are not only ideal for dishwashing but can also be used for gardening, cleaning, and household chores. The versatility of these gloves makes them a must-have in any household.Size: The gloves come in three sizes: small / medium / large. Please refer to the size chart before purchasing.


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