Mosalogic Fly Insect Trap Plug-in Mosquito Killer Gnat Moth Catcher Fly Tapper UV Attractant Catcher for 400 Sq Ft of Protection (Black-1pack)

Multifunctional Flying Insect Trap: Fly killer is a powerful tool for capturing flying insects such as mosquitoes, bugs, moths, fruit flies, gnats, and more. With its UV light technology, the trap lures insects towards it and once they reach the surrounding, they become trapped on the glue board with no chance of escape. Additionally, the trap doubles as a night light, making it a helpful sleep aid.Powerful UV Bug Catcher: Thanks to its double lure assurance with two different wavelengths of 365nm and 395 nm, the catch rate of mosquitoes and fruit flies has increased to 80%. Studies have shown that insects with phototaxis are easily disturbed by human odors, so it is recommended to leave the room after the trap has been running for best results.Mute Mosquitoes Killer: In contrast to bug zappers, the glue card capture system is completely natural and free of toxic smells. The small, quiet design also protects your eyes from the direct exposure to ultraviolet light. The package includes 5 pieces of glue boards as a bonus.Smart Night Light Modes: The trap features two LED beads, allowing it to operate in smart mode or night mode. In smart mode, the device will turn on or off automatically based on the surrounding light. In night light mode, the trap will stay lit until manually turned off.Easy to Use :Designed to be easy to use and decorate your room with a warm light, this fly trap has won an IF Design Award and has a low power consumption. The double-sided glue ensures the trap stays in place without any movement or falling. The package includes the fly trap, 5 glue boards, and a user manual. Please note that if you do not receive the refill, contact the seller via email. The ASIN for replacement parts is B094TRFBZX.
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