Vinchef Stainless Steel Wok Pan with Glass Lid 12 Inch Nonstick Stir Frying Pan Induction Compatible and Dish Washer Safe
$33.99 $79.99

Well Made Stainless Steel Wok - VINCHEF Wok made of food grade stainless steel with Germany imported Technology, without toxic chemicals and PFOA-free. With Anti-scratch technique makes this flat bottom wok,heat fast and evenly comfortable to move around. This stainless steel pan use ergonomic handle, the hollow metal handle will not heat up quickly. Coming with a glass lid with breathe hole, tight enough, everything rests in warmth. With a deep base is perfect for mixing without any spillage.Versatile and Suitable Pan - This all in one pan is a perfect choice for both professional chef and home cook,suitable for small amounts and big cooking session. With this stainless steel pan you can finish the stir frying,cooking currys, chilli and spaghetti,braising and stew can be done perfectly. Please heat the wok before andding the cooking oil, than mix the food at the right pace so that the food does not stick to the pan. A flat wooden or silicone spatula will be recommend usingSuitable for All Stoves - VINCHEF Cookware is ready for any kitchen, thanks to compatibility with all types of cooktops including induction, gas, electric, and ceramic. The stainless steel bottom is designed for induction cooker compatibility for even/fast temperature distribution and no hot spots, experience perfectly cooked meals every time.Great Choice as A Gift - The Stainless Steel Dome Lid has a good seal, which can effectively keep the moisture and heat in the pot and speed up cooking. Riveted stainless steel handles stay cool with airflow technology. With excellent perfomance of rustproof and low maintenance, you can steam things in it without causing rust. Warm tips-when using this frying pan to fry eggs need to add the right amount of cooking oil.Customer Service - All of our pots and pans are rigorously inspected and tested to ensure that our customers receive satisfactory goods. We have a professional team ready to help you solve your problems. Whenever you are cooking with it, begin by adding some of oil. This not only prevents the sticking but it keeps your pan strong for long.


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