Miss Mouth's Messy Steppers Shoe Cleaner - 4oz Spray Ready To Use Sneaker Cleaner for Rubber, Canvas, Leather to Remove Dirt, Grass, Scuffs from the makers of Miss Mouth's Messy Eater Stain Treater

TRUSTED BRAND From the makers of Miss Mouth's Messy Eater Stain Treater, this shoe cleaner is tailored to stomp out stains and keep your kicks looking fresh!STOMP, SPRAY, SHINE Keep the kicks looking slick with our Messy Steppers Shoe Cleaner. Its remarkably effective formula helps you confront stains, scuffs, and more, ensuring you step out in style every time.VERSATILE SNEAKER CLEANER Whether it's canvas, leather, rubber, suede, or nubuck, our shoe cleaner sneakers kit has you covered. The ideal white shoe cleaner for maintaining that crisp, clean look.FAMILY-FRIENDLY Shoe cleaner kit designed for everyone in the family, this shoe cleaner effortlessly cleans kids shoes, men and women shoes alike. Whether it's dad's dress shoes or new baseball cleats ensure every step is stain-free!TRAVEL ESSENTIAL Life can be messy, especially for shoes. With our compact and convenient design, this sneaker cleaner is a must-have travel essential for on-the-go touch-ups.


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