Liquid-Plumr Pro-Strength Full Clog Destroyer Plus PipeGuard, Liquid Drain Cleaner - 80 Ounces
$9.88 $14.32

DESTROYS CLOGS: Liquid-Plumr drain clog remover destroys clogs to clear fully blocked and slow flowing drainsWORKS ON MULTIPLE CLOG TYPES: This liquid drain cleaner tackles the toughest clogs from hair, grease, and soap scumSAFE ON ALL PIPES: Made with Pipeguard, this Liquid-Plumr drain opener protects pipes and is safe for septic systems, disposals and pipes, including PVC, plastic, copper and old drain pipesPREVENTS CLOGS: When used monthly, Liquid-Plumr drain cleaner prevents clogs from coming backDRAIN ODOR ELIMINATOR: Pro-Strength gel clog remover is a drain deodorizer and cleaner and works great on bathtubs, bathroom sinks, showers, kitchen sinks and garbage disposals


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