Rubbermaid Large Resin Outdoor Storage Shed With Floor (7 x 7 Ft.), Weather Resistant, Brown, Organization for Home/Lawn Mower/Backyard Equipment/Bike Storage/Pool Supplies
$899.00 $1,199.00

SENSIBLE STORAGE: Outdoor 7 x 7-foot storage shed units made to store large lawn care essentials, including riding and push mowers, patio, and garden equipment, and large trash cans50% MORE WALL STRENGTH FOR DURABILITY: Double wall construction and robust, wall-connector pins prevent warping caused by weather or weight180 DEGREE DOOR OPENING: Doors open a full 180 degrees for convenient access to large items50% STRONGER ROOF: Roof supports heavier snowfall by withstanding loads up to 15 lbs./sq. ft. compared to other Rubbermaid 7x7 modelsINNOVATIVE DESIGN: Integrated rain gutter helps with water management providing protection through all seasons50% MORE VENTILATION: Increased ventilation provides better circulation and air flow throughout the shed compared to other Rubbermaid 7x7 modelsASSEMBLY: No special tools required for assemblyRUBBERMAID: Rubbermaid sheds and boxes are designed with durability in mind. Featuring double-wall construction and weather resistant materials, Rubbermaid provides a safe place to store equipment and add an attractive architectural element to your space


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