GAMSOD Expandable Garden Hose Up to 100ft, Upgraded Lightweight Gardening Flexible Hose Pipe, 3/4" Solid Brass Fittings, 2.2X Expanding Flexible Latex Water Hose with Spray Nozzle -Black

2.2X EXPANDABLE GARDEN HOSE- When the water pressure is turned on, the garden hose expands to 100 feet in seconds and then instantly retracts to its original size for convenient storage and use. Just make sure there's adequate water pressure to discharge the hose after usage.DURABLE 3300D LATEX CORE- The flexible, expandable 100-foot hose can tolerate kinks, breaks, and even leaks due to its flexibility. It includes extras such as a 10-nozzle spray hose, garden hose holder, and storage box.LIGHTWEIGHT, PORTABLE & EASY TO USE- You can effortlessly move it around any patio or garden. This outdoor water hose will not tangle and may extend up to 50 feet to reach even the most remote areas of your lawn.0.75-INCH UNIVERSAL CONNECTORS- Our water hose contains 3/4-inch connectors that can be attached to any faucet, allowing you to connect anywhere without the need for additional adapters. The brass connectors are designed to last! The three included garden hose nozzles allow you to connect to whatever faucet you wish. You may even connect your kitchen sink with the provided adapters.ERGONOMIC RUBBER SPRAY HAND GRIP- The 100 ft expandable garden hose handle feels high-quality and is designed for easy operation, with a built-in lock for continuous spraying.


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