Generic Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk Home Office Workstation (White, 55 * 28 inch)
$95 $222.00

Electric lift system: the lift system can save you from manual height adjustment. Meantime, the height adjustable desk has 3 memory preset buttons to customize your desired heights from 27.56 inches to 45.28 inches which reduces the inconvenience of adjusting the height.Desktop provides a large workspace for 2 monitors. Come with 2 cable holes for wire management.The electric standing desk can be adjusted the height from 28.3" to 46.5" freely with less noise and few seconds.3 memory heights are available.Safety protects technology: Anti-pinch, safety lock, overcharge protection.The desk legs are box frame structured, though it is made of steel material, it is not that heavy, and it offers stableness and sturdiness in use. There are feet at the bottom of the desk legs, to balance the desk on the ground. The wide T-shaped foot design makes the table maintain good stability even when used at the highest height.
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