Beneunder Khaki 10K Umbrella - Convenient, Durable, and Protective

INVERTED FOLDING FOR DRYNESS - No more worries about damp clothes or soggy car seats: our inverted reverse folding umbrella design ensures that the wet side folds inward and the dry side outward.ONE-BUTTON AUTOMATIC OPEN & CLOSE - With just a single press, this travel umbrella smoothly unfurls or folds away. Crafted from self-lubricating thermoplastic resin, the mechanism guarantees durability and quiet operation.CONFIDENT WINDPROOF - The BENEUNDER compact umbrella features 10 ribs with 0.7mm thickened U-shaped bone grooves and triangular mechanics, ensuring stability even in strong winds, preventing any unwanted flipping.ONE SHAKE, INSTANTLY DRY - The cutting-edge bionic technology fabric not only repels water but also resists leaks, making shaking off water a breeze. Reinforced by double-row stitching, this umbrella canopy boasts exceptional strength and endurance.OUTDOOR ESSENTIALS - Enjoy reliable protection with our expansive 45in/115cm canopy, ideal for you and your companion. The elastic handle band offers a comfortable grip, letting you manage the umbrella effortlessly. Compact and durable, it's your perfect travel companion against the elements.
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