KUKPO Innovative Design Cutting Board: A Folding Chopping Mat For Meal Preparation – Nonslip - Dishwasher Safe!

$5.97 From $14.97

INNOVATIVE AND PRACTICAL DESIGN: This Cutting board is so much different than regular ones. Its innovative design allows it to fold, collect all of the chopped vegetables, and throw them in the pan without any hassle. It will also prevent making a mess since none of the cut pieces will fall out while you are pushing them into the pan. Cooking has never been easier and faster.NONSLIP AND STABLE WHEN CUTTING: This Chopping Board is extremely useful because it is very steady. The nonslip bottom makes the Cutting Mat stay put on the counter while you are cutting and adding pressure to it. So even if you are cutting a soft mushroom or if you are cutting a hard carrot, the Chopping Board will not slide on the counter and complicate your meal preparations.WITH A COMFORTABLE HANDLE: The Cutting Board has a smart, raised handle that makes it easier to pick it up from the counter. The handle is also very comfortable due to its ergonomic design. It is nonslip and will fit perfectly in your palm. To pick the Mat up, you simply have to squeeze the handle to turn the Cutting Board into a dustpan-like shape. Its comfortable and stable grip will not fail you.SAFE TO CLEAN IN THE DISHWASHER: The Chopping Board is made of a very durable plastic. Knives can't cut through it and it cannot break. In addition, no matter how many times you wash it, nothing will happen to it. So either you hand wash it or put it in the dishwasher, the Folding Cutting Board will be safe and intact. This kitchen equipment will always be as good as new.STORE IT HOWEVER YOU PREFER: There are 3 easy ways to store your Cutting Board. One is to put it unfolded in your cabinets. Another one is to prop it up on the wall behind your counter. The third way is to hang it on your kitchen wall. The handle of the Chopping Board has a small hole from which you can hang it somewhere. In this way it will always be easy to reach out for it.


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