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  • PREMIUM QUALITY – phelrena can opener,This tiny Kitchen supplies is made from high-quality food safe stainless steel material which won’t rust. This can opener can blend perfectly with your kitchen and It has extra big holes at the ends so you can easily hang it up to save space.This hand held opener is light and easy to carried.
  • EXTRA SHARP CUTTING WHEEL CAUSE CUTTING SMOOTH EDGE - Extremely durable and heavy duty, the stainless steel blade slices through the side of the can in one touch like butter. This manual can opener is designed with very strong knife like tooth on the wheels that tightly grips the can and stays sharp for years to come. This kitchen gadget cuts the can’s lid efficiently from the side in a smooth and clean manner without leaving jagged sharp edges.
  • SIDE-CUTTING SAFETY CAN OPENER - Safe and smooth edge side cutting can opener cuts big, small, round or oval cans from the side, so there isn't cross-contamination because the blades never touches the food in the can. Also the alignment loop allows you to quickly align the opener to the lid & allows you to see when the opener has completed the 360-degree cut.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN AND EASY CLEANING - This can opener has an extra big and soft turning knob for easy and smooth maneuvering. Ergonomic anti slip handle offers a comfortable grip for your safety, while being extremely strong and thick so it will not bend or break while using. Easy to clean is one of its features, Just put it under tap water then leave it dry naturally. The high quality stainless steel disc will never rust. So cleaning is the easiest thing ever!
  • STYLISH DESIGN AS THE BEST GIFT - It has a stylish and attractive design in black and steel colors that looks great. The combination of the big knob, long ergonomic silicon handle, and sharp cutting wheel makes opening cans is an effortless task, even for senior citizen with weak hands from arthritis and wrist problems. This safety can opener as gift suitable for any occasion such as Weddings, Christmas, and Housewarming Parties. Last but not least, we provide 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.


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