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This Stainless Steel Straws Provide Worry-free Money-back Service. If you feel any odor and taste from straws, please contact us anytime and refund anytime. (Please wash it with cleaning brush before using) INCLUDE 11 PCS FULL VARIETY STRAWS.

One stop solution for your daily using with family, worth every cent. What you will get: 1 Pcs Wide Straw (8.5"), 2 Pcs Straight Straw (10.5"), 2 Pcs Straight Straw (8.5"), 2 Pcs Bent Straw (10.5"), 2 Pcs Bent Straw (8.5"), 2 Pcs Cleaning Brush (9.5").


MADE OF FOOD-GRADE STAINLESS STEEL - This reusable drinking straw is designed in USA and made of 100% high-end stainless steel. No rust and steel odor taste any more. FDA approval guarantee that your kids are enjoying safe and healthy drinking!


REUSABLE & HEALTHIER - Now, it is time to say "NO" to unhealthy plastic straws! As we know, once plastic meet high temperature, it will release toxic substances, which is poisonous to our body. Instead, Antonki reusable metal straw is non-toxic and lacquer-free and no-wax, safe and healthy. This reusable stainless steel straw is your best choice for daily drinking!


A MUST HAVE AND EASY TO CLEAN - 5 different size straws fit all your daily drinking for Smoothies, Frappe's, Milkshake, Pearl bubble tea, Orange Juice, Mango juice, Watermelon juice, Strawberry juice, Kiwi Juice, Cool beer, Water. 8.5-inch straw fit 20 oz 30 oz tumblers, 10.5-inch straw fit 20 oz, 30 oz, 40 oz tumblers. 2 pcs cleaning brushes make straw cleaning much easier. Now, click yellow "Add To Cart" button to start enjoying it!


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