HSU's Ginseng SKU 122-4 | Medium Prong | Cultivated Wisconsin American Ginseng Direct from Hsu's Ginseng Gardens | 许氏花旗参 | 4oz Box, 西洋参, B00C830FA2


Medium Cultivated American Ginseng Prongs are the smaller part of the root and extend into the soil to increase its foothold. Sourced from Hsu's local gardens in Marathon County, WISize is listed as 'medium' for agricultural grading purposes, diameter comparable to a #2 pencil100% American Ginseng from Wisconsin. No Caffeine, No Sugar, and No PreservativesCultivated American Ginseng Prongs are a great way to enjoy American Ginseng. Primarily used in making tea and cooking.As an agricultural product, the product may vary slightly from the product image based on the crop that was harvested. Sizing is typically at, or slightly smaller than a #2 pencil. Roots come dried.


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