Carefree Acti-Fresh Body Shaped Panty Liners, Flexible Protection That Molds to Your Body, Long, 112 Count

$5.98 From $11.98

FLEXIBLE PROTECTION : These pantyliner for women feature a quilted design to minimize bunching and twisting for flexible protection that moves with your bodyABSORBENT CORE : The Qwik Dry core locks in fluids faster and keeps you fresher than beforeNEUTRALIZES ODORS : Our 8 hour odor control system provides long lasting freshness to give you that extra boost of confidence when you need itCOMFORTABLE FEEL : Soft, quilted honeycomb design for comfortable protection that molds to your bodyGENEROUS LENGTH FOR GREATER COVERAGE : Extra length provides more coverage so all you feel is control


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