Authentic Hand Hammered Wok pan.Uncoated 12.5in flat bottom wok.Chinese iron pot Suitable for induction cooker, Electric , natural gas
$27.99 $70.00

The product contains: 12.5 inch Flat bottom wok pan .Fish scale shape in the pot.It is made of 1.5mm thick iron sheet, each weight is about 1200g. No chemical coating, the national standard fine iron traditional craft. Rich in iron, promote the elderly. Children. Pregnant women use.The wok is a traditional kitchen utensil for Chinese people to cook food. It generally does not contain toxic substances and does not oxidize. In the process of cooking and cooking food, there is very little dissolution in the iron pan, and even if iron is dissolved, it is good for the human body. WHO experts even believe that cooking in iron pot is the most direct method of iron supplementation.Cleaning method: Use detergent as little as possible when brushing the pan. If there is a slight rust in the pot, it can be washed with vinegar.After-sales guarantee: If you receive the product is not satisfied. Please email me. We will give you a satisfactory answer. Thank you




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