Silicone Thumb Knife, Finger Pickers Gardening Finger Harvest Garden tools, Separator Finger Knife, Finger Protector Thumb Finger Cutter Cot for Fruit& Vegetables Picking Trimming Garden Plants

➹High Quality - This thumb knife is made of high-quality materials and uses high-quality silicone to ensure that the product is soft and fit, non-toxic, tasteless, and will not cause allergies. The blade is made of high-quality stainless steel, sharp and durable, and easy to cut.➹Safety: Even if the silicone finger cot is thickened, sometimes sharp blade will scratch the fingers. Therefore, compared with ordinary thumb knives, our finger cot is wrapped with a stainless steel spiral anti-cutting protection, which improves safety level, to ensure that you will not scratch the silicone and scratch your fingers when cutting.➹Perfect design: This silicone finger cot is a combination of soft and hard silicone. The upper part is made of hard silicone. With the blade, it is easy to exert force and pick. The lower part is made of soft silicone, which fits the fingers for easy operation and bending.➹Convenient to use: The blade of this thumb knife simulates the shape of a nail, and is fixed at a 45-degree angle to ensure uniform force on the knife edge. Picking or cutting can be completed with little effort.➹Wide Applications: Suitable for fruits, flowers, and crops picking in gardens or small farms and kitchen cutting works that require fingers. Some crops must be picked with nails, some may be prickly, and some may be hard. Picking with fingers for a long time may hurt your fingers or hands.



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