Cruchan Earwax Removal Kit: 6 Piece Ear Wax Removal | Portable Soothing & Anti-Itch Earwax Cleaner Tool - Multiple Detachable Ear Picking Box - Safe & Healthy - Practical Cleaning Tool for Family

6 in 1 Earwax Cleaning Tool: Our ear candle clean consists of 6 tools, dry and wet earwax, one set to solve. Including U-shaped ear picks, 4-ring spiral ear spoon, 360% rotating flexible spring ear pick, flat U-shaped ear picks, two spoon-shaped ear picks, different ear wax cleaning tools to meet your needs. Your ear canal can also enjoy a comfortable massage feeling, which can help stop the itching of the ear canal, soothe your ear canal nerves, and make your ears more relaxed.How to Use: If you have a lot of ear candles, you can use the spoon-shaped tool to gently peel the earwax out. Then use the 4-Ring screw tool to gently rotate the earwax out of the ear canal. Next, use the U-Shape tool to clear out debris around the ear points. Last, massage your ear canal with the flexible spring tool, which can relieve itching. All of this allowing you to hear more clearly.Economical and Practical: Compared with other earwax removal tools, ours is priced less. We believe that you’ll find our 6 pieces professional earwax toolset is very practical and made out of high-quality stainless steel materials. After you use it, you can wipe with alcohol cotton or wipes that can completely eliminate the residual earwax from the removal tool and protect your health.Beautifully Packaged and Easy to Carry: Our ear wax cleaning tool comes with a portable storage box, making it easy to locate the tool you need whenever needed. You can take these earwax removal tools anywhere, whether at home or at work, it is convenient to carry on the journey and does not take up space. The exquisite packaging and application make this a great gift for your family and friends.Customer First | Service First: We are committed to providing our customers with better products and services. We have personally tested our cleaning tools to ensure the safety and practicality of the cleaning tools. 97% of our customers have said the ear wax kit is useful after purchase. If you have any questions or are dissatisfied while using our earwax kits, you can contact us any time, and we will provide you a response within 24 hours or provide a full refund.


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