Dahlia Chinese Zodiac Jade Pendant Necklace Genuine Grade A Jadeite, 18"+ 3.5" Extender, Dragon
$39.95 $108.89

Valuable and Safe-to-wear: Jadeite jade is rarer and more expensive than Nephrite, and its value increases overtime. Grade A means the jade is NOT treated by chemicals, thus is safe for your skin, compared to Grade B & C jade.Authenticity: Each piece comes with a certificate by China's National Testing Center which is more athoritative in certifying jade than G.I.A. of the U.S.A. The certificate can be verified online instantly.Meaning: In Chinese culture, jadeite jade is believed to have healing power and wards off evil spirits. The Chinese Zodiac is represented by 12 Animals. People born in the years of Dragon are believed to be Inspiring, Ambitious, & Romantic.Dimension: Due to the nature of jade, each piece varies slightly by design, size, weight, and color from the image. Please compare to the US quarter coin reference in the product picture. The rope is 18


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