Nutcracker Chestnut Clip, Nut Cracker Sheller Walnut Pliers, Metal Nut Opener Plier, 304 Stainless Steel Kitchen Tools Multifunctional Chestnut Opener Nut Walnut,Kitchen Dried Fruit Opener

✿Food grade Stainless Steel - Made of premium stainless steel, the chestnut opener is safe, tough and durable to use, without deformation and corrosion after using for a long time.✿Multiple serrated, hard nuts can also easily peel off the inside of the pulp, combined with the extension of the handle, to open more effort.✿Easy operation - With leveraged design, it is easy to use and labor-saving, making your life become convenient.✿Ergonomic design - The chestnut has smooth surface, non-slip handle, comfortable and practical, do not hurt you hand when shelling the nuts.✿The workmanship is exquisite - the whole is round and smooth, and the serrated design can easily handle a variety of nuts.


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