Color Scents - 1346158 Small Trash Bags - 4 Gallon, 560 Total Bags (8 Packs of 70 Count), Twist Tie - Ivory bag in Vanilla Flower Scent WHITE
$23.58 $27.99

4 GALLON TRASH BAGS: Handle daily needs with Color Scents' small sized 4-gallon ivory plastic twist tie garbage bags in Vanilla scentTWIST TIE TRASH BAG: The twist-tie closure makes for a simple removal and secures the trash bags, keep all garbage insideSCENTED TRASH BAGS: Color Scents is your secret tool, these scented garbage bags deliver subtle bursts of scent to help maintain an inviting smell while helping to combat trash odors.GARBAGE CAN LINER: Color Scents 4 gallon trash can liners are ideal for small trash cans, bathroom, office, bedroom, cars, on-the-go travel or even as pet waste bagsCENTS FOR SCENTS: Color Scents 4 gallon small trash bags provide a wonderfully refreshing smell at great value for the price560 Total Bags (8 Packs of 70 Count)


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