SIUMUN Natural Bamboo Steamer Set - 10" - Handmade Cookware, 2-Tier Basket Included 2 Pair of Chopsticks, 2 Cotton Liners & Sauce Dish
$16.99 $19.99

BENEFITS OF STEAMING: Cook and reheat your foods naturally while sealing in the nutrients using the SIUMUN Bamboo Steamer. Unlike boiling, which can drain foods of its nutrients, steaming helps food retain its vitamins and minerals, as well as its color, making it a healthier way of cooking, in an all-natural vessel. Ideal cookware for steaming dim sum, dumplings, vegetables, rice, chicken, fish etc.STURDY BAMBOO CONSTRUCTION: This set is crafted from 100% natural sustainable bamboo and contains no metal in its construction. Unlike metal steamers, bamboo is an extremely effective steaming material due to its ability to absorb condensation. Its body features neatly fitted bottom slats, which along with its tightly hand-woven lid, ensures your foods are properly steamed for optimal flavor.TWO-TIERED DESIGN: This set includes (2) 10" steamer bodies and (1) 10" lid, allowing you cook foods with different cook times in the same vessel, on the same burner. This effectively reduces the amount of pans used and space needed to prepare your dishes, providing you with an easy and convenient cooking option at a great value!A CINCH TO CLEAN: Bamboo steamer should be washed with warm water and a mild detergent by hand, not in a dishwasher. Let them air-dry thoroughly before storing them in a dry, ventilated area. Make sure it's completely dry before storing, though you may as well keep it on your countertop¡ªthat's how often you're going to be using it.COURTESY GIFT: Our steamer set includes 2 sets of bamboo chopsticks, 1 x Asian style dipping sauce plate and 2 x reusable cotton fabric liners all packed in a dedicated kraft paper bag. Enjoy!
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