Sept.Filles Women's Invisible Panties Cycles-Period Leakproof Packs of 5 (Black)
$16.49 $32.99

Design features for Cycles-Period:Broaden Leakproof Cloth in front and back with 3 layers; Hi-rised,Super Soft and Elastic+Pocket in front+Antitheft, need to paste pad during Menstruation, and this Panties are not leakageMATERIALS: 52.5% Cotton, 47.5% Bamboo fiber and othersUS SIZE:6-7; For waistline 32.5inches~38.5inches; Plane measure:waist circumference:11.81inches;hip circumference:14.57inches in width; Bottom length:5.12inches; Crotch deep:11.02inches in heightCHARACTERISTIC: Leak-proof, soft, breathable and hard to distortNote: This women underwear can not replace pads. The leak proof capacity is against unexpected leakage overflowed from pads. You also need to use pads during Cycles-Period


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