HOTOR Car Trash Can, Durable & Leakproof Trash Bin with Compact Size, Practical Car Accessory for Interior Cleaness, Multifunctional Car Organizer and Storage Can with Push-Button Pop Up Open Design
$5.94 $19.99

Space Effective: HOTOR car garbage can with mini size can help to make use of the spare space in vehicle as a good space-saver. The removable clip on the back of trash can makes this car gadget ideal for car doors, the back of seats, and cup holder of car doors. Besides, HOTOR car trash can has 1L capacity, which is large enough for keeping the garbage during driving.Push-Button Pop Open Design: This special design makes HOTOR car trash bin hassle-free to use and a car essential. If you need to throw garbage into the trash bin, press the circle area on cover to open. When you're done, close the cover to prevent unpleasant smell coming out. Throwing trash by simple pressing without taking off the lid, HOTOR car trash can keeps vehicle clean and spotless!Durable & Leakproof Material: HOTOR car trash can is made of premium ABS plastic, making it durable enough for long-term use. Additionally, this waterproof material also makes this product easy to clean. Besides, the whole trash can body uses injection molding technology during manufacturing, which makes HOTOR trash bin ideal for holding wet garbage and polluted liquid without leakage.Attached Trash Bags: HOTOR car trash can is attached with 30 plastic bags that competently fit the size of trash bin. When the trash bag is full, just take out the trash bag and throw it into garbage can on street. Moreover, the replacement of trash bags is pretty convenient. All required are that open the cover, put a car trash bag into the trash can, and reset the cover to prevent it from falling off.Multifunctional Trash Can: HOTOR car trash can not only can keep garbage as a flawless car trash container, but also help to efficiently organize the interior space of vehicles as a practical storage can. This product is especially suitable for containing small stuffs, such as coins, receipts, and keys. Moreover, mini size makes HOTOR car trash can suitable for diverse vehicles, such as sedan, truck and SUV.


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