Chinese New Year Decoration Red Chinese Knotting Cord Chinese Fu Character 3D Twin Fish Charm Tassel Lucky Felt Hanging Ornament for Lunar Year tiger 2022 Spring Festival Party Decor 26*9in 12 Pack

【 FU CHARACTER 】 Different bronzing embossed printing on two sides, one side for "good luck", another side for "wealth". The Chinese knot very gorgeous, symbolizes happiness, wealth, health, good fortune, and good wishes. ideal for Chinese new year decorations.【 FINE CRAFTSMANSHIP 】 The outer layer of the Chinese knot is made of high-quality flannel, the color is bright and does not fade, and the inner is made of foam film cotton core, which is a flexible and soft touch. Bring a happy Chinese new year atmosphere to your house.【 CLASSIC ELEMENTS 】 This Decoration connects a Chinese knot and 3D twin fish pendant together, with red color tassels decorated, full of Chinese atmosphere. The pendants take bright red and golden these classic Chinese lucky colors as basic colors, symbolizing good fortune and wealth.【 Chinese Knotting Cord 】 Chinese knot is a unique hand-woven craft in China. The "knot" means reunion, friendship, peace, warmth, and love. The red color symbolizes good luck and prosperity. This traditional Chinese knot is a fantastic blessing gift for our family, friends, and colleagues.【 12-PIECE CHINESE NEW YEAR 2022 DECORATION 】 2-piece Chinese knot (Size:26" × 9"), 10-piece red felt luckily hanging ornaments. Perfect for hanging on doors, windows, and walls. Sufficient to support your festival decoration need. It will definitely delight your house in the Chinese New Year.
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