Wireless Electric Mini Garlic Chopper (350ML),DINGDING Portable Small Food Processor for Vegetables,Powerful Cordless Kitchen Mincer for Onion Chili Ginger Nuts - Pink

[Electric&Wireless&Portable Garlic Press]: This mini chopper is battery-operated and charged by USB cable. One charge may last a max of three hours, since it's used for just a few seconds at a time, you could easily go about 30 days without needing to charge it again. The chopper is small and portable, it's a great tool to bring on camping trips and other outdoor activities.[Powerful&Fast Mini Garlic Chopper]: With a 37-watt motor and 4 sharp blades, the chopper is powerful and sharp enough to carve through everything from garlic and onions to peanuts and ginger in only several seconds. It is truly a massive time-saver in your kitchen.[Safe&Healthy Small Food Processor]: The chopper is made of 304 stainless steel and BPA-FREE materials, and has a magnetic lock on the body. Only when the body is placed in the correct position of the bowl that the chopper could start to work. The chopper also helps keep the mess contained, you do not have to worry about the mess of chopping garlic with a knife, and your hands will not smell awful after you are done.[One-Button Operation, Easy to Use]: The electric garlic chopper only has one button on the top, push the button to work and release it to stop, so simple! The garlic chopper is equipped with an indicator light, so you will be more intuitive to know the power of the chopper and charge it on time. The body is waterproof, so when you're done using it, just rinse every piece underwater and let it dry.[A Larger Capacity(350ML) Mini Chopper]: Compared with other small choppers or garlic presses, it has a larger capacity of 350ML, which will help you to chop more cloves of garlic at one time effortlessly.


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