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The typical mandoline slicer is prone to crushing your food with its dull blades, falling apart, or even seriously cutting you. Our adjustable mandoline slicer was engineered to fix your real-life complaints. Ideal for cutting, grating, and julienne slicing, its sharp, interchangeable blades allow for excellent versatility and perfect, easy slicing. Sturdily built so it never falls apart, with a nonskid base and a BONUS cut-resistant glove, you’ll have perfect control and never be injured.

No longer will prepping even a simple salad be a chore. Healthy eating is key to a happy, healthy life and the key to health is making it easy and convenient. You don’t have to be an expert to make nutritious and delicious meals or to enjoy the benefits of meal prepping. A perfect parmesan cheese grater, tomato slicer, fine grater, carrot grater, julienne peeler—you name it. With a large 1.5L fitted catch container to eliminate mess, it’s also top-rack dishwasher safe & comes with a bonus cleaning brush to make cleaning a breeze. Expand your culinary skill set and add tons of nutrition to your diet with ease. Make zoodles for a pasta alternative, delicious summer salads, oven-roasted veggies—whatever you’re craving.

* Ideal for cutting, grating and julienne slicing
* 3 Interchangeable blades included
* 3 settings for standard slicing + 3 setting for julienne slicing
* Thumb dial to control slice thickness
* Nonskid base keeps vegetable grater in place whilst working on a flat surface
* 1.5L food container included
* Top shelf dishwasher safe
* Spiralizer with 3 settings included (spiral and 2 julienne settings)
* Cut resistant kitchen glove & cleaning brush included



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