AMERIERGO Folding TV Tray Table - Fully Assembled TV Table for Eating on The Couch, Stable Dinner Table Easy Storage, Snack Coffee End Table Ideal for Living Room & Bedroom - AETT2B
$32.29 $39.99

VERSATILE: This versatile TV tray table can be used as a TV table for eating breakfast with the family, and it can also be used as a food tray table, and it can be used when you gather with friends to watch a game.LEISURE TIME: This personal folding table is the perfect choice for 1 person. It can be used as TV tray, a laptop TV table tray, study table, bed/sofa tray table, or entertainment table.FULLY ASSEMBLED TRAY: The assembled TV tray table opens quickly and is ready to use, providing convenience.SPACE SAVING TABLE: The folding bed TV table tray can fold away after using. Easy to be stored under a sofa & bed, or against the wall, saving you more space.SLEEK PORTABLE TABLE: The portable TV tray is light and easy to move and use. Suitable for the needs of all kinds people. You can use this tray table to have dinner or have a picnic in the garden as needed.
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