Gdrasuya10 Rice Noodle Rolls Machine Steamed Vermicelli Roll Steamer Machine Chinese Cantonese Cuisine Cheung Fun Cookware Kitchen Food Container with Extra Drawer (1 Layer)

✅ High Quality - Steamed vermicelli roll steamer premium stainless steel. It simple and generous. Rugged and edging, anti-cutting hands, durable and very easy to remove stains and oil.✅ Unique Design - The bottom of the steamer container is formed once, the panel is flat and ensures evenly heated, small shaped make it convenient for store. And drawer design ensures a better seal and steam can be fully utilized.✅ Versatile - Except for rice noodle roll, this steamer can also be used to cook rice paste, flour, taro, steamed buns, dumplings, etc. This steamed rice roll steamer machine can not only be used on electric stoves, but on induction cookers and gas-oven.✅ How to Make CheungFun - Mi-Jiang ingredient is rice rolls, solidifies when heated. Burned to water, then brush sweep point oil in the drawer, add proper amount of rice milk, shake up, sufficiently steam cooked in the cage at high temperature for a minutes , finally add a little tune of the soy sauce, some good garlic sauce.✅ Easy to Clean - After use, please clean it quickly and wipe off the water stains on the machine, especially the water stains left on the internal water tank. Then place it in a dry and ventilated place to dry, to avoid excessive water stains or oil stains that can cause rust.
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