Funny Bath Mat 17"x24" Non Slip Teal Bathroom Rugs with Premium Rubber Soft Diatomaceous Earth Bath Mat Cool Bath Rugs for Bathroom
$10.99 $26.99

100% Non Slip & Soft Diatom Earth: The premium rubber back make sure slipping accident will not happen. And all the other layers has got their fuctions and provide a comfortable after-shower experience.Fast Dry & Ultra Absorbent: You don't have to shell out a lot of money to protect your floors from moisture damage. This absorbent bath mat can absorb liquid very fast and get dry quickly.Easy Care & Pet Friendly: The bathroom rug is machine washable, and you can use vaccum or sweeping robot for daily care. The shower nozzle is also an easy option. The hair of pet can be easily removed with this bath mat.Fun & Multi-use: The unique bathroom mat uses funny phases to spruce up your bathroom decor. On the basic of gray and black bathroom rugs, we designed teal and sky blue. There is always one fit your bathroom.Low Profile & Wheel Accessible: You can open the door freely with this thin bath mat. And all kind of sweeping robots can freely pass through it.
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