RUCKAE Ceramic Condiment Jar Spice Container with Bamboo Lid, Porcelain Spoon,Wooden Tray,Set of 4 ,White,170ML(5.8 OZ),Perfect Spice Storage for Home, Kitchen
$15.99 $22.80

Wonderful Design: a set of 4 ceramic spice jars to suit your different needs, delicate whitening bottle, smooth and beautiful curves, white porcelain and bamboo wood to match, add a fun to your kitchen.High Quantity Ceramics: the tank body is made of high-temperature ceramic material and fired at 1300 degrees. Porcelain is fine and round, with thick texture, toughness and durability. The surface is made of glass enamel, and easy to clean.Natural Bamboo: the bamboo and wood parts of the spice jar are made of natural bamboo material, thick bamboo plate design, thick and durable, the surface layer is treated with water-based paint.Ingenious Accessories: spice jars are equipped with ceramic spoons, convenient for use, humanized base design, matching tank size design, placement together more uniform and beautiful.Warm Tips: We are really have confident with the ceramic spice containers which will be best choice,more confident. We provide the highest quality products and best customer service.If you are not satisfied with porcelain condiment jars, please feel free to contact us.
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