E-Cloth 6 Piece Home Cleaning Essentials, Premium Microfiber Cleaning Cloth and Supplies Set, Ideal Cleaner for Glass, Window, Kitchen, Dust, Granite, and Marble, 100 Wash Guarantee
$19.08 $30.00

The E-Cloth Window Cleaning Kits all you need for sparkling windows. Dampened with just water, the microfiber Window Cloth cleans windows, frames, sills, glass, and mirrors. The Glass & Polishing Cloth erases streaks for a perfectly clear finishGo ahead, make a mess! Activated with just water, the E-Cloth Kitchen Cleaning Cloth effortlessly removes splatters, grease, crumbs, and more. Plus, its powerful microfibers eliminate over 99% of bacteria from kitchen countertops, appliances, and other surfaces — even glass and stainless steelThe E-Cloth High Performance Dusting Cloth has dry dusting and damp cleaning down. Use it dry to attract and trap dust, pollen, pet hair, and more from wood, glass, granite, and leather. Dampen with water to remove grease and grime from hard surfacesThe E-Cloth Granite & Stone Cleaning Kit is all you need to protect your home investment, removing grease, grime, and over 99% of bacteria from granite, marble, enamel, and all stone surfaces — and then polishing them back to like-new. Keeps prized surfaces in mint condition without dulling its finish — with just water
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