Gua Sha Facial Tools, 2 Pack Guasha Tool for Face, Natural Jade Gua Sha Massage Tool
$5.2 $17.99

Professional Structural Design: This gua sha facial tools with perfect design conforms to the human body and perfectly fits the sides of each part to meet the overall demand for scraping.Good for Health: The natural jade gua sha stone material is rich in minerals that are beneficial to the human body. Gua Sha is a scientific therapy based on the theory of the skin of Chinese medicine to improve the body's blood circulation and promote metabolism.Beauty Effect: Natural minerals in the guasha tool for face, after gua sha, it can lighten spots, brighten skin tone, tighten skin, and have a beauty effect.Remove Wrinkles and Reduce Puffiness: Gua Sha can stimulate and dredge the meridians, reduce wrinkles and reduce puffiness .Easy to Use: Clean your face with essential oils or lotion first, and wipe the skin with this gua sha massage tool once a day, once every 10-15 minutes. Gentle massage can achieve the effect of decompression and relaxation. After using it, assist some massage therapy, the effect will be better.


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