Sweese 156.002 Porcelain Fluted Dinner Plates - 10 Inch - Set of 6, Multicolor, Hot Assorted Colors
$13.65 $38.99

SWEESE FLUTED RAINBOW COLLECTION PLATES DEBUT! - The simple fluted design makes it easier to hold. These plates look stylish and fantastic on the table and the assorted color fits all decorations. Beautiful dinner plates not only delights the guests, but also delights us, who carefully prepare the food.NO-SPILLING DESIGN - Each plate measures 10 x 10 x 1 inch. Ideal for main course pasta, salad, sandwiches and steak, even for foods with soup. These dinner plates have a lip all around the edge to prevent food runaway.STURDY & DURABLE - Sweese plates are made of premium porcelain that have held up to the dishwasher, microwave, oven and the occasionally banging on the counter or against other dishes in the sink. Good for quick warm-ups in the microwave.SMOOTH & SCRATCH-RESISTANT - The glazed sections of plates are waxy smooth and show very little to no blemishes. Moreover, the unglazed base have sanding which will not cause the plates to scratch each other when stacked. For those who are more tactile,you will completely in love with this set.WELL-PACKAGED - Sweese wants to accompany you to complete every important moment. The plates are carefully packaged, cardboard placed between each plate and surrounded on all 4 sides by a padding material. Hope that plates come to you in perfect condition.
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