VENTION Induction Steamer Pot for Cooking, Double Layers Stainless Steel Vegetable Steamer, 2 1/10 QT Pot with Steamer, 7 1/2 Inch Capsule Bottom Food Steamer Cookware
$25.49 $36.98

[CAPSULE BOTTOM POT] - Many stainless steel steamers have thin bottoms, which affects sturdiness and durability. Bottom of VENTION's small steamer pot is made of 3-layer composite material, which is named capsule bottom. It can effectively make the bottom of the food steamer evenly heated. No worry about turning your stove to maximum heat. Work well for induction, electric, gas and woodstove. Pot with steamer by VENTION is sturdy, well built but not overly heavy. Safe and suitable for any user.[STEAMING & BOILING SIMULTANEOUSLY ] - Vegetable steamer by VENTION is well-made and size is perfect for a medium sized meal. You could steam veggies and cook pasta simultaneously. Suitable for steaming tamales, corn, green beans, broccoli, couscous, dumplings, crab legs and claws, lobsters, oysters, shrimps, clams, other seafood in the steamer, and cooking noodles or soups in the bottom pot.[HEALTHY & HIGH QUALITY] - Stainless steel won't absorb bacteria or odor, unlike plastic or other materials. Induction steamer pot is made of 18/8 stainless steel, which is 304 food grade. This pot steamer is safe, harmless, sturdy and durable. VENTION's steamer pot for cooking is not easy to rust. No worry about rust, corrosion, and the harmful substances leaching into food. DISHWASHER SAFE.[EASY ASSEMBLE & USE] - Three pieces, including a saucepan, one insert basket and a tempered glass lid. Visible cover allow you see how your food is doing while cooking. Small vented hole and heavy glass cover make hot steam difficult to lift up the lid, avoid scalding. Handles do not get hot when lift it. Easily remove or add part depending on your needs. 2 tier induction steamer pot can be changed into stockpot by removing the insert basket. Ideal for home and commercial use. Easy to clean.[SAVE SPACE] - Base pot's capacity is 2.1 quarts. Base pot height 4.2", basket height 2.6", cover height 2.4". Save space by stacking removable induction steamer cookware in cabinets when no need to cook.
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