Farrinne Nano Sparkle Cloth for Car Scratches, Nano Cloth Scratch Remover with Scratch Repair and Water Polishing, Nano Cloth Car Scratch Remover for All Kinds of Car Smooth Surface
$6.27 $12.55

【Car Scratches Repair Cloth】For Light Car Scratches, magic nano sparkle cloth takes advanced nano repair technology to remove scratches, restore the gloss and luster of paint, and recover its original brilliance! Special friction compounds can remove water spots,oxidation and other contaminants in the paint and protect paint surfaces.【Advanced Nanotechnology】Nano sparkle cloth scratch remover depends on advanced nanotechnology which contains abrasives, polishes, lubricants and minerals, can effectively remove car's scratches and stains, oxidation and other contaminants in the paint. Protect paint surfaces, long-lasting anti-oxidation.【Easy to Use】1.Clean and dry the surface of dirty area before using the car scratch cloth; 2. Wear the gloves, Wipe the scratches and dirt with the nano cloths; 3.Clean up the surface by other cleaning cloth. Remember to put nano scratch remover cloth back to package, and keep it sealed for using it again.【Save Time & Money】 Using nano sparkle cloth for car scratches to clean and wipe the surface to erase car scratches, rather than going to the 4S shop, repair shop, paint cleaner or polish. The Nanosparklecloth for car scratches can be used about 10 to 15 times.【Wide Applications】Nano sparkle cloth car scratch remover applies all vehicles and colors, whether your vehicle is a mini one or a large SUV, this nano cloths for car scratches can quickly repair stains and scratches (dark color car Use with caution, too much force may result in chromatic aberration).
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