Defze Defrosting Tray for Thawing Frozen Meat Rapid Thawing Plate Fast Thawing Tray Defrost Plate Board, Durable and Non-Stick Kitchen Safe and Hygienic Fast Defrosting, Aluminum Alloy
$9.99 $19.99

Defrost Quickly & Keep the Fresh Taste of Food: Use the defrost tray to naturally melt the food to maintain the original taste of the food.The defrost tray does not require hot water. Just put the frozen food on the tray and thaw any frozen food so fast that you will love it. Slot design on the back can quickly defrost.(Hint: It is recommended that you flip the food during defrosting to speed up the process)Aluminum Alloy Defrost Tray: Thick aluminum alloy material is strong and durable.The defrost tray is made of aluminum alloy and is a very effective heat conductor. The defrosting speed of the defrost plate on frozen food is fast times that at room temperature. Thawing most frozen foods is about very fast, and the defrosting time varies depending on the thickness of the item.Anti-flow Edge Design: The user-friendly defrosting tray is designed to prevent food liquids from splashing onto the kitchen surface and keeping the kitchen clean and tidy, the thawed water will not flow randomly.Easy to Use: The quick thaw defrost tray is made of non-stick material and is very easy to clean and keep clean. It's easy to use, simply place frozen food onto the tray.Lifetime Warranty: Package Included:1 x defrosting tray.meanwhile, defrosting plate is can also be used as a plate.100% money back if you change your mind after receiving! If you are not satisfied with our product or service for any reason, please feel free to contact us.
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